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About the Founder

Lloyd Michael Clarke is the founder and president of "Money Can Hear".  He's also a business consultant and a motivational speaker.  For over 15 years he's counseled more than 7,000 clients.  His rich background in executive positions and upper management, coupled with many years of study, has put him in a unique position to observe and learn from his clients.  Some start ups businesses, others seasoned professionals that have earned millions of dollars in annual sales.  Lloyd has conducted numerous seminars on marketing and business strategies and even produced a small-business radio program.  His philosophical and practical approach to business along with on his hands experience have provided a rich balance between what works and what does not work.  Lloyd pulls from Plato, Aristotle, Emmanuel Kant, Fredrick Nietzsche, Baruch Espinosa, Joseph Schumpeter, Alfred Marshall, writings of St. Thomas Aquinas amongst others.  He combines clearness and simplicity of statement with a philosophical approach that is clear to understand.  Now, he wants to give you this knowledge to create what you want using the energy of thought and physical effort that will produce the results you seek!


Lloyd holds a B.B.A. from Baruch College and a post-graduate diploma in credit analysis from New York University.


In addition he has obtained certificates in marketing, communication, advertising, intensive multimedia, and web development, all from N.Y.U.

LMC Motivation, Inc., was created with the "Money Can Hear" concept in mind.  It teaches you to understand the laws that govern as well as economic philosophies and will show you the way to achieve great success!


Through a produced series of marketing DVD's, LMC Motivation, Inc. has captured the spirit of "Money Can Hear" through a simple and easy to follow step by step approach which will unlock the key to great universal principles. 


The value of the information taught through "Money Can Hear" is the key to unlock the wisdom we all have within.

LMC Motivation, Inc.

God is a providential.  He takes and interest in his creation of you and me; and takes a particular part of the creation of you that most reflects his goodness, mercy and love in you and the perfection of the goal you seek, which glorifies him through you.


The God of the Jews, Christians and all other deities; he has befriended us for good reason.  HE IS OUR FATHER!


The script of your life was not written two thousand years before you were born, but out of time itself. Recognize that reality is a created reality that we create for ourselves.

Great Concepts

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